There are several steps to the install. Most you will accept the defaults. Those requiring configuration choices are shown below. Before starting, close all windows on your desktop. The installer will open new windows which may get hidden behind other windows. Please wait for confirmation before moving-on to next step. It takes about 10 minutes.

Under Installation select "New Installation or Add Features to an Existing Installation" to begin.

Under License Terms, check box to accept license agreement.

Under Feature Selection, select "Database Engine Services".

Under Instance Configuration, select "Named Instance" radio button and set text to "RepairShopPro".

Under Server Configuration, select "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" from drop-down list. Leave password field blank.

Under Database Engine Congifuration, select "Windows Authentication Mode" for the Desktop and Express versions, and "Mixed Mode" for the Enterprise version, then select "Add Current User" button and wait for it to finish. Additionally, if your installing the Enterprise edition, please enter an Administrator password and take note of it. You will use it to configure your connection strings on your user workstations. See "Database Setup" in Help file for more information on setting-up RepairShopPro on a network.

Under Error Reporting, select Next to continue.

Under Installation Progress, wait for installer to complete.

Under Complete, click the Close button to confirm. Wait for any pop-up messages to complete before closing windows.