RepairShopPro provides complete support for creating and managing service appointments. For convenience, appointments are hosted on the Dashboard where they're always in-view. Pre-populated invoices are created automatically from appointments by selecting the "Begin" button on the corresponding row in the Appointments grid.

Appointments can also be used as service reminders. When checking-out an invoice, the user has the option of setting a next service date and time in the form of a "Blind Appointment" or a live appointment.

Scheduling New Appointments

Selecting "New Appointment" from the Appointments menu brings-up the new appointment editor. Appointments can be created for new customers or returning customers using look-ups. For new customers, fill-in all the required fields and select the "Save" button. For returning customers, select the look-up button with the magnifying glass icon next to the "First Name" field, then select the customer of interest from the next dialog. For Come-backs and Estimate-Follow-ups, the History Browser is launched prompting the user to locate the originating invoice.

Once appointment has been confirmed, it will appear on the Appointment Dashboard located on the bottom of the main form. From here you can begin, edit or cancel the appointment. The appointment will remain on the Dashboard for its life-cycle.

Editing Appointments

Previously scheduled appointments can be called-up for edit or cancelled. There are two ways to do this. One way is to select "Edit" from the appointment grid. This will take you directly to the selected appointment. If you need to search appointments, the other option is to select the "Manage Appointments" pad from the Appointments menu. Here you can search appointments by a fixed time period or select a user-defined time period.

Creating Invoices from Appointments

Selecting "Begin" from the appointment grid will create a new invoice from the selected appointment pre-populated with the customer info. The appointment is then flagged as complete and removed from the grid.

Blind Appointments

Appointments can be used as service reminders. Blind Appointments function just like regular appointments, but they're not linked to an actual service with a live date and time.