Barcode Scanning

In addition to the many other ways to add parts to invoices, RepairShopPro supports barcode scanning as well. Using an off-the-shelf scanner, parts can be read onto invoices without first keying-in data. If the part already exists on the invoice, the quantity is incremented by one. If the part cannot be found, because it doesn't exist or the barcode label is damaged, the stock number can be keyed in manually.

RepairShopPro uses the system generated "Stock Number" field to uniquely identify parts. Please don't confuse Stock Numbers with Part Numbers. Part Numbers are only unique among suppliers, not across suppliers. On the other hand, Stock Numbers are always guaranteed unique. Stock Numbers are just pointers to parts which saves having to encode all the part information into label. They serve no other purpose.

Supported Symbologies

Since RepairShopPro only encodes Stock Number (integer values) the choice of symobology is not that important. The only requirement is the scanner device appends a carriage return to signal the end of code string. See "Scanner Setup" below.

These symbologies have been confirmed to work with RepairShopPro. The only difference is some produce a more compact barcode. However, that is not much of an issue because the stock number bar codes will be relatively small numbers.

Scanner Operation

From the "Retail Parts" tab, select the "Scan Barcode" button to initialize the scanner. Next, drag the scanner across the label until you receive confirmation. Depending on the scanner, it could be a green light or beep sound. If it is a new part, it will be inserted. If the part already exists on the invoice, the quantity purchased will be incremented by one. If the scanner fails to read the code or the stock number is not found, you will be presented an option to insert the part manually.

Scanner Setup

The only requirement is the scanner emit a carraige return signaling the end of the code string. Most we've seen come configured this way. If not, they can be programmed to do so. Pre-tested scanners can be purchased from the Add-ons page on our site.

Barcode Label Setup

Using the Parts Editor under the Editors menu, barcode labels can be saved to image files by selecting the "BC" button on the corresponding part line item row. Then the image can be used to produce labels. To do this, you will need label software and a label printer. There are plenty of options depending on your business needs ranging from free to very expensive. We know of a free one that works well on Code 39. It can be found here. At the very least, you will need to produce a barcode with a caption below. The caption displays the stock number in case the label is damaged or unreadable and you have to enter it manually. Please note you are encoding "Stock Numbers" not "Part Numbers".

Sample Barcode Label with Encoded Stock Number Shown Below