Credit Card Setup

RepairShopPro users have the choice of using a 3rd party payment gateway or the built-in gateway provided by Authorize.Net (requires activation). When using the built-in gateway, transactions are fully integrated with the invoicing workflow supporting Authorization + Capture, Void and Credit transactions using a card swipe device or manual card number entry. When a transaction clears, the confirmation code and signature block will appear on the printed invoice relieving the need for a separate receipt printer.

To manage your merchant account, run ad-hoc transactions or check settlement status; a web based interface, optionally accessible from a RepairShopPro Web Bookmark is also provided.

Integrated card transactions can be activated by selecting Global Settings pad under the "Editors" menu. Next select the "Service Providers" tab and then check "RepairShopPro Gateway". If you prefer to use an external system for processing card transactions, leave the box unchecked. You will still be able to record transactions inside RepairShopPro.

Merchant Account

Before starting, you will need to setup a merchant account with Authorize.Net. They are the gateway provider. They can be found at When you're done you will need the following information:

*Note: If your using the trail version or you just want to see how the system works without committing to a live merchant account, you can request a test account using the following url:

Modes of Operation

Checking "Test Gateway" under the "Service Providers" tab in Global Settings switches system to the test environment. In this mode all transactions are sent to a test gateway and the merchant hyperlinks to a test merchant website. Below are some test card account numbers you can use to simulate transactions. When testing the system, it also a good idea to visit the merchant site (link available from "WebBookMarks" menu) to see how transactions are recorded.

*Note: Test Merchant Website needs to be in "Live Mode" when conducting test transactions, otherwise it will not return a Transaction ID or Authorization Code.

Card Swipe Device

If "Use Card Swipe" is checked on the card processing form, an external card reader can be used to input the card data. When not checked, the user is prompted to enter the card data manually. The system requires USB card reader with keyboard emulation. Pre-tested card scanners can be purchased from us. Please visit the Add-ons page on our site.

Merchant Website

The Merchant Website is your point of entry for managing your merchant account at Use it to manage your account settings, perform ad-hoc card transactions, order additional services, check settlement status, etc. For convenience, you can use the WebBookMarks feature to persist a link to the merchant site inside RepairShopPro.