Global Settings

The Global Settings editor allows you to set system wide defaults which saves having to type and re-type the same information onto each invoice. Use it to set default values for your rates, charges and configuration settings.

When you want to make an exception to the defaults, you can customize your settings for a single customer by choosing "Override Settings" from the main menu and toolbar.

Shop Tab

Rates\Charges Tab

Parts Tab

Invoice Tab

Required Fields Tab

When checked, sets which fields cannot be left empty.

Branding Tab

Use this area to brand your invoice with a custom logo and shop contact info. You can use the default shop info as displayed on the Shop tab or override the defaults.

Service Providers Tab

Service Item Tab

If you want to change your business model from the Auto Repair default to something else, enter your service item property descriptions.

Culture Tab

Here is where you set your culture settings and indicate a default state or province for new invoices.

Other Tab

Overriding Defaults

Selecting "Override Global Settings" allows you to override some, but not all defaults at the invoice level. Use this option when you want to customize terms for a single customer without changing the global defaults.