Invoice Customization

RepairShopPro provides the capability for shop owners to brand their invoices with a custom logo and contact info, choose a built-in service agreement or create their own and add an invoice footer for conveying last minute or additonal information. In most cases, this should be sufficient. However, if the stock invoice does not meet your requirements, please contact for a quote on designing a new invoice. In most cases, we can provide you a custom formatted invoice that can be plugged into your existing installation without code changes.

Adding a Shop Logo and Contact Info

Under the "Branding" tab of the Global Settings editor is a means for changing the shop logo that appears on the upper left corner of the printed invoice. Just select the "Change Image" button, then select an image file from your hard drive and the new logo will appear next time you preview or print an invoice. The only constraint is the logo must be in .JPG or .JPEG format and 375 pixels wide and 95 pixels high.

Your shop contact info is entered in the textbox below the logo display. If the "Use Default Shop Info" radio button is selected, the shop info entered on the "Shop" tab will be used. If you choose "Override", then you will enter the contact info manually.

Setting Service Agreement

See Service Agreements

Adding a Custom Invoice Footer

If the "Use Invoice Footer" option is checked under the Invoice tab of the Global Settings editor, a footer will be added to the end of the printed invoice. To set the footer content, see help topic Invoice Sections.

Editing .RDLC Files Directly

If you look in your application root directory (place where you installed RepairShopPro), you'll see a folder named "Reports". Inside this folder are a number of files with an extension type of ".RDLC". These are the reports and invoices. Opening these files in a text editor like NotePad will allow you to gain access to the underlying report mark-up. From here you can search for and change the display of text blocks and captions.

* Note: Please make sure you take a back-up of the report you're editing in case report doesn't run afterwards. You can only edit text. Be careful not to alter any report logic.