Security Setup

RepairShopPro provides a Role-based security mechanism that allows Managers and Shop Owners to precisely control what users are allowed to do in the system. For example, you may not want certain employees to view profit and loss data or salary information. In such cases, you will assign these users to a Role that restricts access to these resources. This feature is available in both the Desktop and Enterprise versions.

* Note: There is a built-in System Administrator account that can not be modified. Anyone logged-in under this account will have access to all system resources. However, it should not be used in production as it lacks some features. Instead, please create dedicated accounts for all users. When by-passing login, the system reverts to the "Default Manager" role. This role is the same as a standard Manager role, but is anonymous.

System Roles

There are five built-in Roles: (1) Manager, (2) Super User, (3) Service Writer, (4) Mechanic and (5) Parts Clerk. To set permissions on these Roles, select the "Assign User Roles" pad under the Editors menu. From there, you can grant or deny access to specific functional areas.

*Note: Only Managers have access to the Roles Editor.

User Accounts

Anyone with the correct permissions can create and edit user accounts. Usernames, Passwords and other types of personally identifiable information are set-up using the "Employee Editor" under the Editors menu.

Monitoring Account Activity

To know who has been in and out of the system at any time, open the "Activity Log" from the Utilities menu. In the grid, listed chronologically, are the log-in and log-out date and times for all users accessing the system since you last opened the log. Selecting "Clear Log" will remove all log entries. Selecting "Refresh Log" will re-query the log database for the most recent entries.