Working Tree

The Working tree provides quick access to working invoices and estimates using a tree-like interface for display.

Status Icons Top

Overdue (OD): The date promised is earlier than the current date.

On Time (OT): The date promised is later than the current date.

Due Today (DT): The date promised equals the current date. * Note: An invoice can be both "Overdue" and "Due Today" at the same time. This can happen when a "Due Today" invoice passes it's promised time.

Tree Node Definitions Top

Currently Open Invoice: Indicates an invoice is open for edit. Double clicking the invoice number opens it for edit. Invoices can also be opened for edit using the "Browse All Working" dialog under the File menu.

Service Type: Service Request icon.

Service Type: Estimate icon.

Service Type: Parts Counter Sale icon.

Service Type: Purchase Order icon.

Customer: Customer icon.

In-Shop: The date and time when service was first initiated.

Promised: The promised delivery date and time.

Total: The current invoice total.

Last Updated: The last date and time the invoice was edited.