VIN Decoding

On the Service Item tab, notice a small magnifying glass icon located next to the "Serial Number" field. If you enter a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the adjacent text box, then select the button to the right, RepairShopPro will retrieve the vehicle info from the data provider using an internet standard named "XML Web Services". The returned data is then used to populate the Service Item fields. To use this feature you will need a live internet connection on the host computer. In some cases, you may have to change your firewall or anti-virus settings to allow external access.

The VIN decoding service is provided on a subscription basis. You can purchase connections on a Volume Limited or Time Limited basis. Please contact to sign-up. Choose "Basic Reports" then select the licensing option that best suites your needs. When you're done, you will receive a license code.

Setting-up VinQuery

Once you receive your license code, you will have to configure RepairShopPro to use the VIN decoding service. To do that, open the Global Settings editor and select the "Service Providers" tab. Next to the caption "VinQuery Access Code", enter your license code then re-start RepairShopPro to commit the new setting.