Back-up and Recovery

To prevent data loss, please get in the habit of making regular system back-ups at the end of each day or work cycle. It only takes a few seconds. It's also very important to store a copy of your back-up file, OEM installer and serial number on media or another computer so you can get to it in case your main computer goes down.

Backing-up Database

Under the Utilities menu on the Administration pad is an option to "Back-Up Database". Use this command to produce your nightly back-up file. It will create a file with a ".bak" extension in the directory of your choosing.

Restoring Database

Back-up files generated by the "Back-up" command can be read back into the system using the "Restore Database" command. This will reattach your data file and bring system back to where it left off.

Recovering RepairShopPro

Copy your nightly back-ups to media or another computer not used for production. In the event your main computer goes down and needs to be replaced or repaired, please do the following when the computer comes back up:

  • Reinstall RepairShopPro using the OEM installer that shipped in your Start Package.
  • Copy your most recent back-up file (.bak) to some location on your computer.
  • Run the "Restore Database" command under the Utilities menu on the Administration pad. Select a back-up file (.bak) to restore.
  • Restart RepairShopPro.