Cash Drawer

The RepairShopPro cash drawer is not bound to a receipt printer like most cash drawers. Instead it will open on demand by selecting "Open Cash Drawer" from the Utilities menu or you can set a number of options in Global Settings to do it programmatically.

Setting-up Cash Drawer

The cash drawer requires special software to operate. You can download the latest driver from our Downloads page using this Cash Drawer Software link. First load the driver, then plug-in the cash drawer. It may take some time for Windows to configure the drawer so wait for confirmation before proceeding. The cash drawer software will be listed under the name "Prolific" in Windows Devices.

Next, open the Global Settings Editor and select the "Other" tab. On the bottom, notice the cash drawer settings. The "Port Name" field is the port name (ie: COM5) as displayed in Windows Devices. The options below allow you to control when the drawer opens automatically.

*Note: The drawer doesn't open when checking-out a loan.

Drawer Type

The RepairShopPro cash drawer is a USB powered device that is triggered programmatically using escape codes. To do this, it uses a special USB trigger cable and software to interface with RepairShopPro. You can read about it on our Add-ons page.