Global Settings

The Global Settings editor allows you to preset system wide defaults (rates, terms, charges, etc.) saving the user wasted time rentering the same information on each new invoice. When you want to make an exception to the defaults, you can override them on a single invoice by choosing "Override Settings" from the main menu and toolbar.

Shop Tab

  • Shop Name: Shop name as it appears on your invoice.
  • Shop Address, City, State, Zip and Phone: Address, city, state, zip and phone as they appear on your invoice.
  • Shop Email: Email address as it appears on your invoice.
  • Shop Business License Number: Business license number as it appears on your invoice.
  • QuickBooks Account Prefix: Used to identify to your business in the QuickBooks ledgers and asset accounts.

Rates Tab

  • Shop Supply Charge:
    • Flat Rate: Shop supply charge is set at a fixed rate.
    • Percentage Labor: Shop supply charge is based on a labor percentage with optional cap.
  • Hourly Labor Rate: Hourly labor charge.
  • Sales Tax: Tax rate applied to parts and shop supplies.
  • Labor Tax: Tax rate applied to retail labor, sublet labor and HAZMAT removal.
  • HAZMAT Charge: HAZMAT charge applied to new invoices.
  • Discount (Override Only): Discount applied to invoice.

Parts Tab

  • Parts Margins
    • Enter Manually - Default Parts Margin: Default margin applied to inventory parts.
    • Use Parts Matrix - Categories: Apply retail mark-ups at the part category level.
    • Use Parts Matrix - Suppliers: Apply retail mark-ups at the supplier level.
    • Use Parts Matrix - All Parts: Apply retail mark-ups at to all parts.
  • Low Stock Alert: Inventory level that will trigger a low stock alert.
  • Default Shop Supply Margin: Default margin applied to shop supplies.
  • Default Supplier for Not-stocked Parts: Preselected supplier when adding a not-stocked part.
  • Show Low Stock Alert Message: When checked, a low stock alert message is shown when inventory count falls to the reorder point.
  • Show Missing Task Reference Message: When checked, alerts the user to select a task reference.
  • Phrase to Describe Parts not Assoicated with a Task on Printed Invoice: Used as section title for parts not referenced by a task or when using a standalone parts list.

Invoice Tab

  • Service Agreement: Choose Long, Short or User-defined. The following applies to the Long Service Agreement.
    • Maximum Charge Above Estimate: In percentage terms, amount estimate can be exceeded without having to create new estimate.
    • Service Warranty (Days): Number of days warranty applies.
    • Service Warranty (Miles): Number of miles warranty applies.
  • Print Layout: Set default invoice layout to Vertical, Horizontal, Split.
  • Show Task Detail on Printed Invoice: Hides or shows Mechanic ID, Hours and Task ID.
  • Show Employee Names on Printed Invoice: Hides or shows employee names. When hidden, employee ID is displayed.
  • Show Parts List on Printed Invoice: Toggles display of parts lists.
  • Bundle Tasks on Printed Invoice: Labor/parts combinations are bundled into a single job.
  • Show Footers (Parts, Service, Estimate): When checked, a custom footer is added to the bottom of the invoice.
  • Set Date Promised to Date Delivered. Forces promise date to delivery date on check-out.
  • Add New Vehicles to Database on Save. Vehicles not on pick-lists will be added when saving changes.
  • Invoice Left Margin Padding: Allows user to adjust left page margin from 0 -.25". This is used to compensate for any additional margins supplied by printer.

Required Fields Tab

When checked, sets which fields cannot be left empty.

Branding Tab

Use this area to brand your invoice with a custom logo and shop contact info. You can use the default shop info as displayed on the Shop tab or override the defaults.

Service Item Tab

If you want to change your business model from the auto repair default to something else, enter your service item descriptions.

Culture Tab

Here is where you preset your culture settings for your location.


  • SMTP Address: SMTP address of your email provider.
  • SMTP Port #: SMTP port number of your email provider.
  • Email Address: Your email address.
  • Email Password: Your email password.
  • Closing Signature: Appended to the end of email messages.
  • Twilio SID: Text messaging service account SID.
  • Twilio Auth Code: Text messaging service Auth Code.
  • Twilio Phone Number: Text messaging service phone number.

CC Tab

  • Use Integrated Card Transaction (Requires Activation): When unchecked, uses an external gateway.
  • Gateway URL: Internet address of integrated payment gateway.
  • Gateway ID: Gateway login ID of integrated payment gateway.
  • Transaction Key: Gateway password of integrated payment gateway.
  • Use Test Gateway: When checked, credit card transactions are issued against a test gateway. Use this option for performing test transactions. No money changes hands.
  • Use Card Swipe: Sets default card data entry mode to swipe operation. Unchecked uses manual card data entry.

Other Tab

  • Start with Main Window Maximized: When checked, main form expands to fill the entire screen.
  • Require Log-in: When checked, users must log-in to access system. This setting requires Admin privileges.
  • Font Colors and Background Image: Set your font colors and background image. If none of the built-in images will do, you can also supply your own image.
  • Spell Checker: Preset your spell checking options.
  • Cash Drawer Port Name: Name of cash drawer device in Windows.
  • Cash Drawer Auto Open Options: Open on all transactions, Cash only, Cash and Check only, Don't Open.
  • VinQuery Access Code: If using the paid decoder service, enter your access code.

Overriding Defaults

Selecting "Override Global Settings" allows you to override some, but not all defaults at the invoice level. Use this option when you want to customize terms for a single customer without changing the global defaults.