Importing Parts and Labor

Parts, Labor and Service Item lists can be read into RepairShopPro using Excel spreadsheets. To facilitate the transfer, RepairShopPro provides a means for matching spreadsheet columns with RepairShopPro data elements avoiding the requirement for a fixed spreadsheet structure. Support is also provided for associating Service Item lists with parts and labor. During the import process, the spreadsheet data is validated and any errors are logged at the end of the routine so the user can fix the problem and rerun the import.

Importing Excel Spreadsheet

Selecting "Import Excel Spreadsheet" from the Utilities menu will bring up a fields picker dialog. On the left are the target data fields and on the right are the column headers in the source spreadsheet. Using the arrow buttons, move the source fields up and down to match the target fields. Any fields not matched, will be ignored. Next, using the drop-down lists, set the default Category, Supplier or Quantity stocked. These values are substituted when they are not available in the source spreadsheet.

To associate a service item list, there is a specific format that must be followed. Each vehicle is expressed using the following format:  "MAKE:MODEL|year1|year2|yearN|" separated by a semi-colon (;). For example, if you wanted to attach a 1992, 1993, and 1994 Ford Bronco and a 1978 Chevy Camaro, it would look like:  "Ford:Bronco|1992|1993|1994|;Chevrolet:Camaro|1978|" without quotes. There can be any number of vehicles per line item.

* Note 1: Service items included in the source spreadsheet that are not in the system will be inserted.

* Note 2: Only .xlsx (Excel 2007 and later) file types are supported for import.

* Note 3: MS Excel or MS Office does NOT have to be installed on the user machine to import or export spreadsheets.

* Note 4: Pay attention to the field data type matching. For example, if you transfer a character column like "Part Description" into a numeric field like "Part Price", you may get a weird result. The best thing to do is experiement with the tool until you get the hang of it. You can always go back and delete parts that were entered by mistake. For learning purposes you can download some Sample Excel Spreadsheets from our website.