Invoice Settings

The supplied invoice offers a lot of flexibility over the control of content and format of the printed invoice. Users can to choose between different print layouts, brand their invoices with a custom logo and contact info, select a service agreement and add footers for conveying last minute or additonal information. At runtime, the user has several other options for controlling the display of parts, labor, rates, terms and charges.

Adding a Shop Logo and Contact Info

Under the "Branding" tab of the Global Settings editor is a where you will upload your shop logo that appears on the upper left corner of the printed invoice. To do that, select the "Change Image" button, then select an image file from your hard drive and the new logo will appear next time you preview or print an invoice. The only constraint is the logo must be in .jpg or .png format and 375 pixels wide by 95 pixels high.

Your shop contact info that appears just below your logo on the printed invoice is entered in the textbox below the logo image. If the "Use Default Shop Info" radio button is selected, the shop info entered on the "Shop" tab will be used. If you choose "Override", then you will enter the contact info manually.

Setting Service Agreement

See Service Agreements

Define a Custom Service Agreement or Page Footer

To set the content of a User-Defined Service Agreement or Page Footer, choose the appropriate sub-menu from the "Invoice Sections" pad under the "Editors" menu. When the editor appears, enter the content text using spaces and tabs to format lines and sections. To see how it looks in production, select the "Preview" button. To set as the default for new invoices, check "Apply" (footers) or select "User Defined" (service agreement) from the drop-down list. Next, select the "Save" button to commit the change.

Changing the Display of Parts and Labor

When an invoice is open for preview or check-out, there a number of options listed below that will allow you to modify the display of parts and labor at runtime.

  • Show Parts: When unchecked, parts lists are hidden and only a parts total is shown.
  • Show Task Detial: When unchecked; units, hours and mechanic name/ID are hidden and only a task description and total is shown.
  • Show Names: When unchecked, employee names are hidden and only their ID is shown.
  • Bundle Tasks: When checked, parts and labor are bundled into a single job and only one total is shown.
  • Override Settings: Opens the Override Settings dialog for changing rates and terms applied to currently open invoice.
  • Layout Dropdown: Allow users to change the printed display layout. Choices include Vertical, Horizontal and Split.