Email and Text

RepairShopPro provides fully integrated Email and 2-Way Text Messaging. To save time and limit the number of applications the user has to manage, these valuable functions are built-in to the program.

With a single click, the user can email messages, reports, invoices, service reminders, marketing campaigns and any other form of attachment without leaving the program. This capability requires no special software or additional service providers. You can use your existing GMAIL, YAHOO and HOTMAIL accounts or any other provider that allows direct access to their SMTP server.

The Text Messaging feature provides the capability to quick launch text messages directly from RepairShopPro. This is a great tool for sending-out instant status updates or service reminders without having to pick-up your phone and dial numbers. Incoming text messages are downloaded from the service using the "Incoming Text Messages" command under the Utilities menu.

Setting-up Email

To send an email message, just click the "Email" button or mail icon associated with the customer or sevice of interest. You can also send email messages to customers not in the system using the "Send Email Message" command under the "Utilities" menu. Opening the RepairShopPro email client from an open repair order will automatically attach a PDF copy of the invoice, estimate or PO and address it to the selected customer. You can also add additional recipients and attachments using the associated editor buttons. There is no limit to the number of recipients and attachments.

RepairShopPro will work with your existing email provider. To setup your provider, open the "Messaging" tab in Global Settings and specify a Provider Name, SMTP (Outgoing Server) Address, SMTP Port Number, From Address (your email address), Username and Password. Below are the addresses and port numbers of some popular providers:

GMAIL -  SMTP Address:, Port Number: 587
YAHOO -  SMTP Address:, Port Number: 587
HOTMAIL -  SMTP Address:, Port Number: 587

Setting-up 2-Way Text Messaging

To launch a text message, just click the "Text" button or phone icon associated with the customer of interest. You can also launch text messages to customers not in the system using the "Send Text Message" command under the "Utilities" menu. To receive text messages, open the "Incoming Text Messages" dialog from the Utilities menu.

To setup text messaging, you need to purchase a phone number from They are the provider. Once you get your phone number please enter your SID and AuthCode on the "Messaging" tab in Global Settings.