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Runs outside the US. Shows correct currency, date-time and phone formats.

Barcode scan auto parts to auto repair work orders

Built-in Email and Text Messaging

Send text and email messages from repair shop management software

Download shopping carts. Transfer parts lists to estimates and repair orders.

Order WorldPac Auto Parts

Card present transactions. Never leave program. Use card swipe or manual entry.

Auto repair POS software

Print Register Tapes

Auto repair POS software

Scan Barcodes

Barcode scan auto parts to auto repair work orders

Programmable Cash Drawer

Auto repair POS software

RepairShopPro Version 10 Editions


Windows 7-8-10

This is the single user edition limited to one Windows desktop. It's a cost effective alternative to the Enterprise version when only one terminal is required. Installation and setup are simple because both the application and database install on the same computer. Back-up, recovery and other management tools are also included. It's everything you need in an automotive repair app all in one box. 

Internet connection required for initial product activation only. After that, the program will optionally run disconnected.

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In larger shops with greater workloads, a network can be setup enabling multi-user access to a shared database. This allows users to work in parrallel on a single repair order or any number of separate repair orders resulting in greater productivity. If one terminal is not enough, then please consider RepairShopPro Enterprise. With the right hardware, it will support any number of users working simultaneously over an internal (private) or external (internet) network using your own hardware or our Vitrual Desktop Hosting. To help you get started, we offer a number of FAQs on this topic. Please see Enterprise Edition FAQs section.

The Enterprise edition can be purchased in two configurations ...

Enterprise Open License

Windows 7-8-10

If you just want to string a few computers together inside your shop, then Open License edition will make it easy thanks to our fully automated process. To get started, simply run the server installer on your host computer and the client installer on as many computers as you have licenses. When a client starts-up for the first time, it will prompt you for your connection string included in your Start Package. Copy and paste it into the textbox, click connect, and you're good to go! At the very least, you will need a router hosting a shared internet connection which is the typical setup supplied by most internet service providers.

Virtual Desktop Cloud Hosting

Windows 7-8-10

Run RepairShopPro on a multi-user network using the internet as your network! This setup has the advantage of being able to run a native Windows application and still exploit the benefits of internet connectivity. It's the best of both worlds. No setup or configuration is required and no critical system files are stored on your computer. Maintenance, back-ups and system updates are all handled by us on the back-end. Please see Virtual Desktop Hosting for more information. Note: Virtual Desktop hosting requires a broadband internet connection like Cable, Fiber or DSL. Phone and mobile internet providers may be bandwidth limited.

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Windows 7-8-10

Just looking for something simple? Or you don't need a full-blown repair shop management system right now. If that's the case, then please consider RepairShopPro Express. Express is not a higher version with dimmed-out features. Instead it's a lightweight, more compact version optimized around a smaller feature set. It's everything you need to run an auto repair business without a lot of stuff you don't need getting in the way. Truth is, we're told Express actually works better than other systems costing much more. To see how Express compares to the standard editions, please see our Feature Comparison guide.

If it turns-out you need the advanced feature set after all, then we will credit your purchase amount toward the next higher version.

Internet connection required for initial product activation only. After that, the program will optionally run disconnected.

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Extensive Shop Management Report Library

Automotive management reporting

Fully integrated payment processing. Merchant tools. Sign-up for an account.

auto shop software money back guarantee

Create QB Import Files

QuickBooks Auto Repair Software

Vin Decoding. Data Capture.

Automotive Vin Decoding

Import-Export from MS Excel

Export repair orders to spreadsheets

Turn-key Product Installer. Be up and running in minutes.

Install auto repair software

Service Packages. Bundle parts and labor combinations.

Auto parts and vehicle repair labor times

Advanced Inventory Management and Control Features

Inventory Management software for auto repair shops