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For Windows, Web and Mobile Try It Free 30 Days
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For Windows, Web and Mobile Try It Free 30 Days

Runs on all Devices - Windows Desktop, Web Browsers, Tablets, Phones.

Auto Repair Payments

2-Way Text Messaging and Email

Send text and email messages from repair shop management software

Download shopping carts. Transfer parts lists to estimates and repair orders.

Order WorldPac Auto Parts

Runs outside the US. Shows correct currency, date-time and phone formats.

Barcode scan auto parts to auto repair work orders

Card present transactions. Never leave program. Use card swipe or manual entry.

Auto repair POS software

Print Register Tapes

Auto repair POS software

Scan Barcodes

Barcode scan auto parts to auto repair work orders

Programmable Cash Drawer

Auto repair POS software

RepairShopPro Add-ons

Authorize.net Payment Gateway - We are an Authorize.net Reseller

Seamlessly integrate your payment processing with your invoicing workflow without leaving the program or relying on external websites. Supports both manual card number entry and card-swipe operations. A Virtual Terminal and AVS Fraud Protection is also included as part of the Merchant Tool set. Using the gateway saves having to purchase a separate device to record transactions and print sales receipts. A USB powered card swipe device can be had for as little as $15.00 (see Credit Card Swipe Reader). No chip reader required for same level of merchant protection. Contact Support@RepairShopPro.com to sign-up for an account.

Virtual Desktop Hosting

This is a very convenient option for shops needing multi-user access, but don't want to be limited to an in-shop network.

  • Connect up to 5 instances of the Desktop Edition to our Cloud network.
  • Private sessions. Data file not shared with other customers.
  • No system or critical files are stored on your computer.
  • No setup, maintenance or back-ups. We handle the back-end.
  • Native Windows application + Internet. Best of both worlds!
  • Unlimited use of MobilePro.

Price is $24.00 per month on a 6 month billing cycle. You will be prompted to renew your account through this website prior to the end of each billing period.

Includes 6 months free Cloud Hosting!

Version 10.x Upgrade from a Previous Version

There were a large number of schema updates in v10.0 making it necessary to update your data file as well. To do this, please send us your latest back-up file so we can reconcile the differences and apply the updates. It can take up to 24 hours to return file.

For what its worth, it would be much easier to simply send you a patch script, but there is no way of knowing if it will run. Access to the RepairShopPro database is not restricted in any way. Users are free to run queries and make modifications to support their own enhancements. Problem is, sometimes users don't tell us or they forget and we spend hours chasing ghosts. This is why we need to see file.

Transferring Data from 3rd Party Applications into RepairShopPro

New customers switching to RepairShopPro from another system may want to transfer their legacy data into RepairShopPro. If you can provide us your data in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet, CSV file, PC Database or SQL Database; we may be able to produce a script that will do the transfer. Typically, it can take 2-3 days to complete so please plan ahead. For a quote, please contact Support@RepairShopPro.com to speak to an advisor.

Register Tape Thermal Printer

Requires a USB powered Thermal Printer suporting 2.25" roll paper. We've recently tested one example available from Amazon for $29.00 named the TEROW USB Thermal Receipt Printer 58mm Mini Portable Label Printer. The printer comes with everything you need including USB cable and some test paper. Just plug it into any available USB port and install the associated printer software. Note: You can run a standard printer in parallel if you still need to print full page invoices in addition to register tapes.

Hand-held Barcode Scanner

Requires a USB powered barcode scanner supporting industry standards. At the very least, it should read 1D, Linear barcodes which is the most common format. We've tested a number of entry level scanners in the $45 - $60 price range from BarcodesInc and they all appear to work the same way. For a little more money, you can scan from a greater distance. A few examples we've tested include the WASP WLR8950 and WASP WCS3900. Using a scanner with RepairShopPro requires no special software or configuration. Just plug it into any available USB port on your computer and Windows will do the rest.

Credit Card Swipe Reader

Requires a USB powered Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) for scanning credit card numbers. We've tested a number of these devices and they all appear to work the same way. The main difference is some swipe in only one direction. For about $20 - $60 you can purchase a compact, credit card reader from BarcodesInc or a number of other places such as Amazon and POS supply retailers. For example, the ETEKJOY USB 3-Track Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (part number ET-MSR90) can be had from Amazon for $15.00. Just plug it into any available USB port on your computer and Windows will do the rest.

Programmable Cash Drawer

All metal electronic cash drawer featuring rugged construction and compact design. Inclucdes two media slots for separating checks and coupons. Using it with RepairShopPro does not require a separate receipt printer to open drawer. Instead the drawer is triggered programatically based on user defined settings. The drawer is a WASP WCD5000. We've also seen the same drawer advertised under part number 5E 415 for a little less money. To connect the drawer to your computer, a special USB powered WASP WCD5000 Trigger Cable is also required. The cash drawer software is avaliable for download from our Downloads page. Please see help topic "Cash Drawer" to learn more about setting-up and configuring the RepairShopPro cash drawer.

Create QB Import Files

QuickBooks Auto Repair Software

Fully integrated payment processing. Merchant tools. Sign-up for an account.

auto shop software money back guarantee

Extensive Shop Management Report Library

Automotive management reporting

Vin Decoding. Data Capture.

Automotive Vin Decoding

Import-Export from MS Excel

Export repair orders to spreadsheets

Turn-key Product Installer. Be up and running in minutes.

Install auto repair software

Service Packages. Bundle parts and labor combinations.

Auto parts and vehicle repair labor times

Advanced Inventory Management and Control Features

Inventory Management software for auto repair shops

Cloud Hosting. Create an internet VPN.

Automotive Software Cloud Hosting